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Inspiring Words

Think about it for a minute. Are you living the way you want to live? Or is it some broken shell of an existence far from what you hoped for? Many are living a life far below what they dreamed of and see no way out.

Author Julianna M. Dawson asked herself those questions and wasn’t pleased with the answers. The result is the poems shared in Inspiring Words: Finding Yourself. These poems shed light on her efforts to rediscover her true self and her true needs, wants, desires, and beliefs. This book, the second part of the Inspiring Words series, is Dawson’s way of sharing her life experiences—most important, what she learned from those experiences.

In Inspiring Words: Finding Yourself you’ll find the poem “You,” which Dawson wrote to inspire self-confidence. In fact, all the poems will help you find confidence, strength, and inspiration to live the life you desire.